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Best in New Food and Beverage Packaging June 2023

Article-Best in New Food and Beverage Packaging June 2023

Mondelez Mondelez_OREO_x_Super_Mario_Limited_Cookies-1540x800.jpg
Oreos Super Mario edition, ELLE Magazine Cafe coffee brand, Tetra Pak's digitally printed cartons, Kraft's balmy dressing tube, Voortman's resealable cookie pack, Pernod-Ricard's lighter-weight bottles.

Food and beverage brands constantly launch new products and new packages, many of which are posted to social media — if you can find them. Packaging Digest highlights the best of them on a regular basis, including this content that archives the best in food and beverage apckaging fror June 2023. You'll find the live stream here.

The latest bests in food and beverage packaging include 10 curated winners from the 2023 WorldStar awards program, world’s first frozen food packaging solution using certified polyolefins from recovered ocean-bound plastic, Pop-Tarts 1960s limited-edition packaging, Britvic in trial that switches stretch film wraps for recyclable straps,  5 refreshing beverage designs, PepsiCo 's $238 million investment in snack food plant, swirly beer label design for Sarabanda, six sustainable launches and redesigns, Jack Daniel’s “racy” packaging, growing amount of food packaging waste. 

Cross Mondelez’s Oreos with Nintendo’s Super Mario character and you get a colorfully playful packaging design.

Stylish packaging for ELLE Café – the new coffee brand from ELLE Magazine.

Understanding packaging’s role in a sustainable food system offers good insights..

Tetra Pak updates status of marketing-driven, digitally printed aseptic cartons.

Impressive bottle earns design packaging recognition, but if this was silver winner, what did the gold winner look like?

A report on digital printing in food and beverage markets.

Seeing a lot of activity in biopolymer films from food waste, which in this case is from avocado peels.

Call for ultra-processed food packaging to feature warnings similar to cigarettes.

The cookie packaging team at Hostess’ Voortman plant fast-tracks switch to resealable packaging.

Kraft’s Buffalo Style Mayo Dressing available in balm tube at Amazon.

Packaging Digest’s latest Food & Beverage Packaging Newsletter.

Nanotechnology in edible food packaging.

AdvanSix launches 100% recycled-content nylon for food packaging and other applications.

CCL Industries acquires Pouch Partners srl Italy, maker of Capri Sun pouches.

Review of paper-based bag-in-box beverage packaging along with paper bottles and paper cans.

UK-based Coveris provides Pollen + Grace new packaging comprising square, polyethylene-coated kraft paper bowls and clear lids made with 30% rPET for line of salads.

Researchers make bioplastic sheets from pineapple stems.

Pernod-Ricard creates lighter, recyclable bottles for high-end spirits.

Is label-free PET packaging an effective, more sustainable solution than labeled bottles?

Lidl to be first UK supermarket to use “Prevented Ocean Plastic” in water bottles.

New packaging for Heinz Beanz “Snap” Pots aka cups made with 39% recycled content.

Six Juan Pistolas Shots in a handy and colorfully unique triangular carrier multipack.

rEUse campaign in Europe aims to implement balanced reusable packaging systems across the takeaway, beverage, and ecommerce sectors.

Solid Gold dog food’s packaging refresh builds on the brand’s iconic illustrations.

Report: PET plastic bottles pose harm to humans and environment.

Flexible coffee packaging gets a jolt of sustainability.

Vulgar Brewing releases engraving-style packaging design.

Arla Group moving to recyclable clear caps for dairy packaging.

An alphabet soup of food packaging design concepts.

Top 10 new developments in antimicrobial and shelf-life-extending packaging films.

EVOH packaging films market.

10 curated food and beverage packaging winners from the 2023 WorldStar awards program.

Sabic received American Chemistry Council’s Sustainability Leadership “Circularity” Award for its partnership with Polivouga to create the world’s first frozen food packaging solution using certified polyolefins from recovered ocean-bound plastic.

Pop-Tarts 1960s limited-edition throwback packaging.

Glass supplier Encirc worked with Britvic in trial that switches stretch film wraps for recyclable straps.

5 refreshing beverage packaging redesigns sure to catch your eye.

PepsiCo invests $238 million in a climate-smart snack food production facility in Poland.

Swirly beer label design for Sarabanda is hypnotic.

Catch up on six innovative sustainable packaging launches and redesigns from Sprite, Mars, others.

Jack Daniel’s “racy” packaging design.

Distiller 98 shares the brand’s paper bottled vodka story.

Global food packaging waste continues to grow.

Best in Food & Beverage Packaging for May at this link.

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