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Yo, Ho, Ho, and a Redesigned Bottle of Rum

Article-Yo, Ho, Ho, and a Redesigned Bottle of Rum

Diageo Captain-Morgan-Original-Spiced-Gold-and-Ginger-New-Packaging-Design-ftd.jpg
New packaging design builds on Captain Morgan’s existing brand equity with a redesigned Captain icon and touches of gold.

Diageo has redesigned the graphics for its Captain Morgan rum products, following on the launch of the brand’s Spice On ad campaign in 2022. The brand owner began a global rollout of the new packaging in March 2023.

The new label design features a refreshed but easily recognizable version of the iconic Captain, still dressed in a red jacket and posed with his foot on a rum barrel. In the new design, a pair of cutlasses are crossed behind the Captain.

Additionally, the new graphics for Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold incorporate a gold brush stroke across the bottom of the label and a gold band across the top. The gold accents resonate with the product name, highlight the product’s gold color, and add a premium touch.

Diageo plans to roll out the new label design for all Captain Morgan product variants.

“We wanted to create a fresher, more dynamic design that puts taste and flavor at the forefront,” said Jo Smith, global design lead for Captain Morgan, in a news release announcing the new packaging. The brand team worked with creative agency Bulletproof to execute the redesign.

 “Our design plays on what people love most about Captain Morgan — its versatility and deliciousness,” added Tony Connor, Bullet-proofs executive creative director.

The new design anchors the strong equity the brand has built over time, he said, while giving “the brand the freedom and flexibility to show up in bold and exciting ways, bringing spice to new occasions and consumers.”

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